Saturday, 25 February 2012

Blogger Challenge #1 - Introduce Yourself

Thanks to Whirlsie (blog Nutritionally Yours) I am joining the blogging challenge for Round 1 2012.  I will still continue to write additional posts.  This weeks challenge is to introduce yourself.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What makes you, you?

I am a small business owner of a luxury travel goods company in my mid 40's living in Sydney's north.  Although I was born in Manly Beach in Sydney, my childhood was spent living here, there and everywhere as my father's job in the construction industry meant living in three different states in Australia as well as stints in Singapore and Indonesia. 

In adulthood, I continued to travel for work and pleasure but after a second stint as an expat which started in Saigon and ended in Singapore, I decided I needed to put down roots in one city.  Sydney has been my home ever since.  I have a close-knit extended family and I have two naughty beagles who love to chase rabbits on their morning walk.

Why did you decide to do the 12WBT?

After a lifetime of being overweight or obese, I have tried every diet that every existed.  Some with more success than others.  Some diets were doomed to fail and others, the failure was my fault.

I had been doing Weight Watchers for 2.5 years and lost around 17-20gg but it was incredibly slow and I hit a plateau for 18 months that I simply could not shift.  Given how many people have had success with WW, I kept blaming myself and persisting.  I finally decided there had to be a better way and kept searching and stumbled upon 12WBT after reading an article in the Women's Weekly.

What are you hoping to achieve through the program?

To be within my healthy weight range for the first time in my life
To be normal
To not have a weight problem
To not be the biggest person in the room. 
To fully participate in life rather

Why have you decided to blog about the 12WBT? What will be the main focus (eg, food, exercise, a bit of everything?)

Initially it was to be accountable and to find a place to work through issues by writing about them.  In the process I discovered that so much of what I have felt or experienced in my journey to weight loss resonates with others and that by sharing with gut-wrenching honesty the ups and downs of changing my life, I may be able to help other people be successful.

How will you be exercising this round? Gym, home, outdoors or a mixture?

I work out at North Shore gym - a combination of machines and classes.  On Sundays I join the Death at Dee Why group for an outdoor workout and when life events takes over, my fall back position is to do one of Mish's Crunchtime DVDs.

What is your greatest strength that will help you?

Resilience and laughing in the face of adversity and, sometimes, embarrassment.

What are you afraid of?


What are you looking forward to the most over the next 12 weeks?

Reaching a healthy BMI and hopefully, my goal weight within that range.

What is your downfall? Food? Exercise? How will you overcome this?

Snacking. Snacking.  Did I mention snacking?
I have got my own snacking sheet and worked out calories and portions.  I will also be tracking my snacks so that I stick to 1200 calories per day.

If you had to pick one word to motivate you over the next 12 weeks, what would you choose?


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