Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Vision for the Future

This week I have been redoing my goals and as I'm a visual person, I decided to create a vision board with my themes and goals so I can put it in a place I can see everyday or tape it to front of the treadmill when I'm trying to conquer my fear of running. Putting effort into creating goals and a vision helps cement it in my psyche so that I have clear picture of where I want to go and how I want to get there. It's also a heap of fun to dream big.

My thanks to some of the people who inspired me with my goals;
Chris Hutton for the push-ups off a barbell and challenging me to dream bigger and expand my horizons when it comes to goal setting,
Bobby Henderson and Jenny Tanner for the Sun Run,
the team at North Shore Gym for the Boxing Class and running up Pymble Hill,
Mary Crea and Erica Sydney for snacking and tracking,
Annemarie Manning for the Bobbin Head Bike Classic,
Angela Wallace for rewards and wanting to look my best,
Fleur-Monique Hall for the burpees, and
Kaz Muddell who insists I can conquer my fear of running.

As always, the greatest thanks goes to Michelle Bridges and the entire 12WBT team.
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